Witney Congregational Church

4 Welch Way, Witney, OX28 6JF

01993 709992



Mission Statement

Our Mission:

Witney Congregational Church is a crossroads where we:  

            Meet God in worship

            Meet one another in friendship

            Meet our community and world with the love of Jesus

Why does Witney Congregational Church consider itself a Crossroads?

  • It is our geographical location.
  • It describes our current ministry of people coming and going some stopping and staying.
  • It describes the encounter with Christ.. will we follow him or not.. we will choose the Way of the Cross..?
  • It describes an open community where we allow people to stop and stay, to pause and move on, or to simply pass through.
  • It describes a community of faith that allows people to approach faith from different directions with respect and common purpose.
In worship
  • Our church fellowship desires:
    • to be a living, growing congregation, open to people of all ages.
  • We long to enjoy:
    • inspiring meaningful Spirit led worship inclusive of the various needs for each member and user-friendly for people coming in.
In Christian Friendship
  • Our life together will reflect God’s love and grace:
    • through serving one another and those in our community and world.
In outreach
  • We open our building to the community:
  • We develop outreach into the community through school chaplaincy, nursing, home ministry and neighbourhood groups (e.g. exploring faith – Alpha or Emmaus, Pilots etc)
  • We commit ourselves to prayer and practical support:
    • of the Congregational Federation, Council for World Mission and other groups touching the world with the love of Christ.
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